luni, 2 noiembrie 2009

Reluarea unei utopii

"I want to tell you about Anarchism.

I want to tell you what Anarchism is, because I think it is well you should know it. Also because so little is known about it, and what is known is generally hearsay and mostly false.

I want to tell you about it, because I believe that Anarchism is the finest and biggest thing man has ever thought of; the only thing that can give you liberty and well-being, and bring peace and joy to the world.

I want to tell you about it in such plain and simple language that there will be no misunderstanding it. Big words and high sounding phrases serve only to confuse. Straight thinking means plain speaking.

But before I tell you what Anarchism is, I want to tell you what it is not.

That is necessary because so much falsehood has been spread about Anarchism. Even intelligent persons often have entirely wrong notions about it. Some people talk about Anarchism without knowing a thing about it. And some lie about Anarchism, because they don't want you to know the truth about it.

Anarchism has many enemies; they won't tell you the truth about it. Why Anarchism has enemies and who they are, you will see later, in the course of this story. Just now I can tell you that neither your political boss nor your employer, neither the capitalist nor the policeman will speak to you honestly about Anarchism. Most of them know nothing about it, and all of them hate it. Their newspapers and publications - the capitalistic press- are also against it.

Even most Socialists and Bolsheviks misrepresent Anarchism. True, the majority of them don't know any better. But those who do know better also often lie about Anarchism and speak of it as 'disorder and chaos'. You can see for yourself how dishonest they are in this: the greatest teachers of Socialism - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - had taught that Anarchism would come from Socialism. They said that we must first have Socialism, but that after Socialism there will be Anarchism, and that it would be a freer and more beautiful condition of society to live in than Socialism. Yet the Socialists, who swear by Marx and Engels, insist on calling Anarchism 'chaos and disorder', which shows you how ignorant or dishonest they are.

The Bolsheviks do the same, although their greatest teacher, Lenin, had said that Anarchism would follow Bolshevism, and that then it will be better and freer to live.
Therefore I must tell you, first of all, what Anarchism is not.

It is not bombs, disorder, or chaos.
It is not robbery and murder.
It is not a war of each against all.
It is not a return to barbarism or to the wild state of man.
Anarchism is the very opposite of all that.
Anarchism means that you should be free; that no one should enslave you, boss you, rob you, or impose upon you.
It means that you should be free to do the things you want to do; and that you should not be compelled to do what you don't want to do.
It means that you should have a chance to choose the kind of a life you want to live, and live it without anybody interfering.
It means that the next fellow should have the same freedom as you, that every one should have the same rights and liberties.
It means that all men are brothers, and that they should live like brothers, in peace and harmony.
That is to say, that there should be no war, no violence used by one set of men against another, no monopoly and no poverty, no oppression, no taking advantage of your fellow-man.
In short, Anarchism means a condition or society where all men and women are free, and where all enjoy equally the benefits of an ordered and sensible life.
'Can that be?' you ask;'and how?'
'Not before we all become angels,' your friend remarks.
Well, let us talk it over. Maybe I can show you that we can be decent and live as decent folks even without growing wings..."
Definitiv, una din cele mai frumoase utopii scrise de om.
Dar pervertita in fel si chip.
Si cit de gresit inteleasa...
Caci omul e om.

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  1. Am citit " frumoasa utopie" , recunosc, cu un efort,deoarece nu am putut identifica , in engleza mea 'de balta" toate cuvintele, insa am inteles ce era important, cred eu: ca anarhia nu inseamna haos, dezordine, nu inseamna sclavie... si ca inseamna libertatea de exprimare, libertatea de a visa, de a a trai in pace si armonie alaturi de semeni...
    Eu nu-mi pun decat o intrebare:cati dintre noi suntem capabili sa gestionam aceasta libertate si cati dintre noi se vor trezi ca nu stiu ce sa faca cu ea?
    Am obtinut libertatea, teoretic, in '89. Incapabili sa o gestionam, am devastat, am ras de pe fata pamantului tot ce ne reprezenta ca natie, cu bune, cu rele!Am adoptat toate tampeniile de afara, tote gunoaiele de care ei au vrut sa scape le-am luat noi! Ce ne-a lipsit? Aveam istorie, arta, cultura....le-am aruncat la cos!
    Ce vreau sa spun este libertatea nu ne-a folosit la aproape nimic...n-am stiut ce sa facem cu ea.....a fost folosita distructiv.
    Cei care au plecat afara, pentru ca aici stiau ca nu valoreaza doi bani.
    Cei care au inteles-o si au ramas, au crezut ca pot schimba ceva , ca pot propaga aceasta intelepciune dar din pacate n-a fost asa, pentru ca plamada se acrise si odata acrita nu mai iese paine...e buna de dat la porci.
    Cu stima,

  2. Legat de " caci omul e om"... as cita un stramos de-al meu spunand "... lume multa,OAMENI putini..."
    cu stima,

  3. Multumim de comentariu, si ne-ar placea sa postezi si altfel decit...anonim. Sa stim si noi cu cine avem onoarea.

  4. imi cer scuze pentru acest " anonimat" insa nu reuseam sa ma loghez... in fine... acum am reusit si ca dovada voi semna cu numele meu.
    cu stima,

  5. Genial. Frumoasa utopie, ucisa in fasa de prejudecati, conformism, nevoia de control. Suna cunoscut, anyone? :)
    Am citit mai demult ceva legat de anarhism. O sa caut si o sa postez, cu voia dvs.